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Success on the field to the courtroom

Excerpt from the article at WS Chronicle.  Find complete article here.

You could ask every high school football player entering college what they aspire to be after graduation and you probably could count on one hand the number of players who want to become lawyers.  Back in his playing days at Wake Forest University, Jimmy Quander did not hang his hat on making it to the NFL but instead used his time there to lay the foundation of what would become a successful law career.

Entering Wake Forest in the early 1990s he initially wanted to become a math major but upon seeing what that entailed he decided to switch majors to political science and minor in sociology.  On the field he came in as a safety but wound up playing all three levels of defense as he also played linebacker and rush defensive end.

“Law school was something that was a thought early on but not really until the end of my career as I had to figure out what I was going to do because I was going into my last year,” he said.  “I wasn’t going to grad school for politics and I wasn’t ready to go out into the work world because I didn’t know what a politics degree would get me.”

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