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Protecting your driver’s license

Maintaining your driver’s license not only requires that you renew you registration yearly, but more importantly, it requires that you promptly take care of tickets and receive dispositions that do not result in increased insurance points, suspension or revocation.

Most people are aware that your driving privilege is revoked if you are convicted of driving while impaired or driving while license revoked. However, there are a host of other scenarios that may result in revocation of one’s driver’s license. For example, if you fail to take care of a traffic ticket, your driver’s license can be suspended. What often happens in this case is that a person will continue to drive because they are unaware that their license has been suspended, and then, when stopped for minor traffic violation like expired registration, the person will also get a ticket for driving while license revoked.

Other grounds for revocation include getting 12 driver’s license points within a 3-year period or, within a 12 month period, being convicted of 2 or more charges of speeding in excess of 55 mph and not more than 80 mph or being convicted of 1 or more charges of reckless driving and 1 or more charges of speeding in excess of 55 mph and not more than 80 mph.

There are many other scenarios that may result in revocation of your driver’s license. While you may think that you are being conscientious by paying off a ticket, your action may unwittingly cause your license to be suspended. It is never a good idea to dispose of a traffic ticket without first consulting with an attorney to see what implications, if any, that pleading guilty may have on your insurance or the status of your license.

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