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Firearm Offenses

The most common federal fire arms violations are Felons in Possession of a Firearm, Selling a Firearm to an Unlawful Person, and Using or Carrying a Fire arm during a Drug Trafficking Offense. All of these crimes require investigation by the defense attorney and his investigator to determine the type of guns involved in the offense and any prior convictions the a client may have for past conduct.

Crimes such as drug trafficking, robbery, assault, battery, and kidnapping are serious enough. But when a gun enters the equation, these matters take on a deeper level of seriousness and punishment. The consequences of simply possessing a firearm while committing another crime can mean more severe penalties due to certain firearm enhancement statutes. Some of these penalties automatically run consecutively to any other sentence you receive.

Quander & Rubain understands the severe consequences involved in federal prosecutions. We have the necessary trial experience to represent you in any federal criminal matter. If you are facing a federal prosecution you need an experienced trial-proven attorney that will aggressively defend you.

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