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Expungement Winston Salem

Many times clients and lawyers aspire to gain an acquittal or dismissal of charges in criminal cases. When these tremendous results are obtained, many participants will engage in post trial celebrations because the weights of Lady Justice have been removed from their shoulders. Often times the joy of a criminal case ending successfully can cause people to forget about the most important legal tool designed to protect citizen’s futures.

North Carolina givens certain accused people the opportunity to have their record completely erased under a limited number of circumstances. This is referred to as an expungment. In general, if a defendant has been found not guilty or obtained a dismissal of charges, and has never previously received an expungment, he can petition the court for an expugment of his criminal record. In addition, defendants found guilty or plead guilty to a misdemeanor before attaining the age of 18 are entitled to have that conviction expunged.

The effect of a properly expunged case means that the judge will order that all records of the case, including police reports, charging documents, mug shots, computer records, and other items related to the case, be destroyed and that all references to the case be erased. Once the expungment is complete, defendants can truthfully state that they have never been accused of or arrested for criminal conduct. This means that the charges should be treated as if it never happened.

We currently live in an information driven world. Background checks that used to take months to complete are routinely done in minutes. Schools, employers, and agencies will quickly eliminate candidates as soon as criminal record checks are done if the record check shows anything. The most embarrassing instances of your life should go away as soon as possible. Expunge your record!

If you think you have items your past that warrants an expungment of your record, call Quander & Rubain, P.A. to protect your future.

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