Corpus Delicti Rule Leads to DWI Acquittal of WFU Student After DWI Confession

- On December 11, 2011, two Wake Forest students were driving off campus and hit a divider and curb as they turned onto Reynolda Road. Wake Forest Police were told of the bad driving and called to pursue the car. Wake Forest Police contacted Winston-Salem Police who saw the described car on the side of the road with a flat tire and two students chang

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Another not guilty verdict for Q&R!

- Stacey Rubain and James Quander were able to wrangle another not guilty verdict in an armed robbery case. In State v. Aaron Shepard, the State alleged that our client and another unknown male robbed the owner of a convenience store on the southside of Winston-Salem at gunpoint. At trial, two individuals testified that our client was one of the indi

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